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The Don'ts of Hemorrhoid Management

What are the things to avoid for hemorrhoids?

  1. Drinking coffee and alcohol
  2. Insufficient water intake
  3. Consuming low-fiber foods excessively
  4. Sitting or defecating for a long time
  5. Lifting heavy objects


If you have hemorrhoids, you should be careful not to worsen them. What’s important is that you learn about the things you should avoid if you have them to help you cut those habits right away. There may be changes you need to make to your routine to help you heal from this ailment quickly.

There are many factors, like certain foods and activities, that could make your hemorrhoids worse. If you don't avoid these, your recovery might take a long time, even with the right medication. That's why we've put together a list of things to avoid for hemorrhoids if you have one.


coffee and hemorrhoids

Drinking Coffee and Alcohol Can be Harmful to Hemorrhoids

The caffeine that is commonly found in coffee affects our intestines. It alters bowel movement patterns, which often makes us feel the need to go to the bathroom after consumption. Because of this, coffee can be harmful to hemorrhoids.1 It increases the frequency of our bowel movements and could even lead to diarrhea. Frequent bowel movements increase the pressure on the veins in the rectum, worsening hemorrhoids.2

Another drink that affects hemorrhoids is alcohol. This drink naturally dehydrates our bodies causing constipation. When this happens, our bodies struggle to fight off diseases. At the same time, our digestive system gets affected, too.8

Aside from that, alcohol consumption raises blood pressure. This would add pressure to the rectal veins, thus exacerbating hemorrhoids.9


water and hemorrhoids

Insufficient Water Intake Can Worsen Hemorrhoids

A remedy for hemorrhoids is to prevent constipation. One effective way to do this is by drinking a sufficient amount of water daily. You should strive to drink more than eight glasses of water a day to avoid constipation and expedite healing.1 Regular water intake also promotes a healthy digestive system. If your digestive system is healthy, you'll have regular bowel movements, which won't exacerbate hemorrhoids.

In addition to drinking enough water, you should also avoid substances that cause dehydration, like alcohol.


junk food and hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids Will Not Heal if You Consume Low-Fiber Foods Excessively

 Another method to avoid constipation is by incorporating fiber-rich foods into your diet. Fiber softens our stool and aids in bowel movements. Changing your daily food intake can significantly help in healing hemorrhoids.

Conversely, an excessive intake of low-fiber food can lead to bowel movement issues and constipation.3 We will have more difficulty defecating and the hemorrhoids will get worse. Here are a few low-fiber foods you should avoid:

  • Fast food4
  • Meat4
  • Processed food4
  • Frozen food4
  • Ice cream4
  • Cheese4

On the other hand, foods rich in fiber include cereals and fruits, such as pears, apples, and raspberries, and vegetables like potatoes, squash, and green beans.

If bleeding is already occurring, you should take note that eating spicy foods can further irritate the wounds. However, it's essential to note that consumption of spicy food does not cause hemorrhoids.


defacating too long and hemorrhoids

Sitting or Defecating for a Long Time Can Exacerbate Hemorrhoids

Every time we defecate, there's added pressure on our veins. Sometimes, we strain to fully evacuate the bowels. Since hemorrhoids are a swelling of the veins in the rectum, spending too much time defecating or sitting can exacerbate the condition.5

This action is also one of the reasons why some people develop hemorrhoids, so if you continue this habit while already having hemorrhoids, it'll surely prolong the healing process. This includes delaying the urge to defecate, which could even potentially lead to complications.


lifting and hemorrhoids

Lifting Heavy Objects May Add Pressure to Your Hemorrhoids

Finally, lifting heavy objects should be avoided as it puts pressure on the entire body, including the veins in the rectum.5 This is an example of how activities unrelated to defecation can potentially add pressure to hemorrhoids.

Key Takeaway

Hemorrhoids often don't worsen and typically resolve on their own. The listed foods and things to avoid for hemorrhoids should be dodged to prevent complications. You can also steer clear of these factors even if you don't have hemorrhoids, as a preventative measure.

If you already have hemorrhoids, effective medications can be taken alongside avoiding the triggers. Diosmin + Hesperidin (Daflon 1000) is a drug that can aid in vein and hemorrhoid recovery. It is available in pharmacies or drugstores nationwide.