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How to Sleep Pain-Free with Hemorrhoids: Helpful Strategies

How to Sleep with Hemorrhoids?

  1. Be cautious throughout the day
  2. Clean the affected area thoroughly
  3. Reduce pain
  4. Wear loose-fitting clothing
  5. Choose a comfortable sleeping position
  6. Treat the hemorrhoids

Having hemorrhoids can be very difficult, especially when they itch, hurt, or bleed. It can affect your daily activities. Sleeping can also be challenging, particularly if your hemorrhoids are painful. Your sleep preparation, sleeping position, and clothes can affect the quality of your rest. Continue reading if you're interested in learning more tips on how to sleep with hemorrhoids.


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Exercise Caution All Day Long to Prevent Worsening Your Hemorrhoids.

The strain on your pelvic area and anus increases during the day, which could make your hemorrhoids more painful. If you walk a lot, go to the bathroom, or move heavy things all day, your hemorrhoids can get worse1.

Avoid prolonged walking, abstain from lifting heavy objects, and fight the impulse to itch your hemorrhoids if you want to lessen aggravation and pain in your hemorrhoids and have a good night's sleep. Stay hydrated by drinking enough water and wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing2.


Itchy Hemorrhoids: Clean the Affected Area Thoroughly

To make your sleep more comfortable, make it a habit to clean your anus before lying down. Hemorrhoids have crevices where dirt can accumulate, leading to irritation and itching2.

To thoroughly clean the hemorrhoids, you can use a sitz bath2. This is a small basin that you can place on the toilet bowl. Fill it with warm water3. The sitz bath can help cleanse your anus effectively. Moreover, warm water can help reduce pain and improve blood circulation. After soaking, gently pat the anus dry with a towel, and avoid rubbing it2.


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Reduce the Pain of Hemorrhoids

You can apply a hemorrhoid cream if your hemorrhoids hurt. Hemorrhoids can cause pain and itching, but there are creams that can help you2.

You can also take over-the-counter painkillers from the drugstore if the hemorrhoid cream is not providing enough relief. These can aid in reducing pain and inflammation2.


Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing to avoid Hemorrhoid irrritation

Wearing clean, loose-fitting clothing throughout the day and at night, is advised to lessen the irritation of your hemorrhoids. Choose cotton underwear to keep your anus dry4. Steer clear of wearing anything that is too tight5.

Besides this, you can also take your underwear off when sleeping to improve comfort and speed up the healing of the area surrounding your anus.5.


Choose a Comfortable Sleeping Position and Reduce Pressure on Your Hemorrhoids

Your sleeping position can also affect the quality of your sleep. For example, sleeping on your back can increase pressure on your anus, and potentially cause pain in your hemorrhoids5. Find a position where you can sleep comfortably without irritating your hemorrhoids.

Sleeping on your side is recommended to alleviate pressure on your hemorrhoids5. You can place a pillow between your legs for added comfort2. You can also try sleeping on your stomach to reduce pressure on your anus and hemorrhoids2.

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How to Treat Hemorrhoids

The tips listed above can help you sleep better despite having hemorrhoids. However, they do not address the underlying cause of pain and itching.

If you're struggling to sleep due to hemorrhoid symptoms, it's time to treat them. MPFF: Diosmin + Hesperidin (Daflon® 1000) can effectively treat swollen veins in your anus, providing complete relief from pain, itching, and bleeding.

The MPFF: Diosmin + Hesperidin (Daflon® 1000) has a fast-acting effect due to its micronization process. Each tablet contains micronized purified flavonoid fraction. Because the particles are smaller, your body can absorb the medication more easily, allowing your hemorrhoids to heal quickly!

Key Takeaway

How to sleep with hemorrhoids may be on your mind if you have pain and itching in your anus. There are several strategies to make your sleep better. Starting with exercising caution during the day, grooming the anus before bed, donning loose-fitting clothing, and choosing the proper sleeping position are all important first steps. You can also apply hemorrhoid cream and take painkillers to ease discomfort.

If you want to get rid of the causes of hemorrhoids, treat it with MPFF: Diosmin + Hesperidin (Daflon® 1000), one of the most effective treatments for hemorrhoids. Once treated, you may sleep soundly—no matter what you wear or how you lay down.


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