Treatment of Chronic Venous Disease

Heavy, Painful & Swollen Legs


Relief for Tired Legs: Why Fast-Absorbing Venotonic Treatments Matter

Are you aware of the symptoms that indicate that you have venous insufficiency? You have probably heard of leg heaviness or leg fatigue. This includes the swelling that can be associated with tired legs syndrome1. We will tell you more about tired legs syndrome and how to treat it.

Learn how to identify symptoms of tired legs

Swelling related to tired legs is frequently related to body position. This swelling in the legs will be aggravated when spending long periods of time without moving. For example, when we sit or stand for long periods of time. The swelling associated with tired legs can also be made worse by heat. In addition, muscle cramps, pain and tingling in the legs may occur. These symptoms related to tired legs may be the beginning of chronic venous insufficiency, a problem that progresses and gets worse, evolving, for example, into varicose veins. 1

Treatment with venotonic and venoprotective drugs has been shown to significantly improve the condition of symptoms related to edema and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). CVI is characterised by heavy legs, pain and cramps at night. 2


varicose veins


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