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Do Hemorrhoids Go Away on Their Own?

Hemorrhoids are often irritating, leaving discomfort to those who have them. It is a painful condition that begins when the veins around the lower part of the rectum or anus become bulged or swollen and inflamed because of too much pressure.1 Generally, there are types of hemorrhoids such as external hemorrhoids that develop around the anus, on the other hand, internal hemorrhoids happen in the lining of the tissues. Thus, each symptom depends on whether the itchy veins are external or internal.

So, the question asked by many is: do hemorrhoids go away on their own? They do! Keep reading this blog to learn more.

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What Are Hemorrhoids?

75% of people in the world have hemorrhoids. It is very common in people between 45- 65 years old. Because there is no specific time frame for its healing period, it’s hard for some to tell when their hemorrhoids will naturally fall off.4 Moreover, it causes more significant discomfort and pain that affects our daily routine. However, you can cure it using home remedy treatments or consulting a doctor and getting the prescribed medicine to take.4

Do Hemorrhoids Go Away on Their Own?

As previously stated above, hemorrhoids do go away on their own.

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Small Hemorrhoids Fall Off Without Treatment

When your hemorrhoids are small, chances are, your symptoms will possibly clear up in a few days with no treatment. However, you have to consider making a simple diet plan and changing your lifestyle.4


Enlarged Hemorrhoids Take Longer Time to Heal

Because there are internal hemorrhoids, called prolapsed hemorrhoids, that become so enlarged that they are noticeable around the anus, they need a longer time to heal and may require treatment from a doctor.4


Hemorrhoids For Pregnant Women Lasts Until They Give Birth

Some women develop hemorrhoids during their pregnancy because it increases the pressure in their abdomen, especially during their third trimester, making their veins in the anus and rectum larger.4 Hence, pregnancy hormones also affect their veins causing them to swell, but if a pregnant woman develops hemorrhoids during her pregnancy, the symptoms last until she gives birth.4


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What Are the Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

Unfortunately, the first symptoms of hemorrhoids are not noticeable, especially from internal hemorrhoids. But when you’re doing a bowel movement, you may irritate the internal hemorrhoid causing it to bleed.

You may experience bleeding during bowel movements if your internal hemorrhoid is abruptly pushed outside the anal opening.2 Thus, these are the following symptoms of hemorrhoids you should be wary of:


  • Burning2
  • Itching2
  • Pain2
  • Discomfort2
  • Swelling2
  • Lump2


Take note that these are the same symptoms you’ll experience for external hemorrhoids.2

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How To Heal Your Hemorrhoids?

One of the most effective ways to heal your hemorrhoids fast is changing your lifestyle habits to relieve the symptoms and heal them. We highly recommend you do these effective routines:


  • Don’t resist the urge of your bowel 3
  • Prop your legs up on a stool 3
  • Take a shower regularly and make sure to wash your anal area after each bowel movement.3
  • Sit on ice 3
  • Exercise every day to keep your bowels 3
  • Take a sitz bath with Epsom 3


For some, these routines are not enough that’s why there are over-the-counter gels or creams to help relieve their discomfort.2 In addition, they can also take a tablet for hemorrhoids to get rid of those itchy, painful, and inflamed feelings.

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Key Takeaway

Do hemorrhoids go away on their own? Yes. In this blog, we’ve provided you with easy ways to fall off hemorrhoids naturally to reduce itching, pain, and swelling — including changing your lifestyle habits, home remedies, and taking a medicine to treat hemorrhoids.

Are you looking for an effective treatment for your hemorrhoids? You can try the MPFF: Diosmin + Hesperidin (Daflon® 1000). It is proven to work fast in relieving the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids. It acts on the main problem, the swollen veins!